Getting IOException: Cannot open file with Quick Start project

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Hi All

Just got my Papilio Duo board.

Followed the steps in start Videos

1. Installed Design Lab 1.0.7 and Xilinx SDK

2. Connected the Papilio board with the USB cable. Moved the switch to USB

3. Observe the LED on

4. See the Papilio board show up on COM5 port and selected the right board in tools>Board

5. Click the PAPILIO DUO PROJECTS ,   QuickStart


See following print outs on the Design Lab with an error. 


Programming to SPI Flash

Using devlist.txt

Invalid chain position 0, position must be less than 0 (but not less than 0).

Unknown Papilio Board

Using devlist.txt

USB transactions: Write 2 read 1 retries 0

Invalid chain position 0, position must be less than 0 (but not less than 0).

IOException: Cannot open file 


Any help is appreciated to understand the exception.

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Hello takhar,


That error generally means that there is a problem with the connection between the FT2232H USB chip and the Spartan 6 FPGA. It should normally be caught at the factory before it ever gets shipped out but sometimes something happens after leaving the factory, such as a weak solder joint etc.


If you connect to the FPGA serial port at 115200 8N1 do you see an ASCII table being printed out? Does the use LED blink (by pin13)? These would all be indicators that the board worked well enough at the factory to pass the automated tests and something happened during shipping.


Either way, it will probably be easiest for us to send you a replacement board. If you send us an email at with a link to the forum thread and your current shipping address we will send you out a replacement board ASAP.



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