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I purchased these two products from your site in a bundle with a USB cable about 2 months ago and I've recently been having problems with them. Whenever I try to connect them to any computer, the computer doesn't recognize that they are there. They can't be found when I attempt to send bit files to them either. However, they do seem to receive power as the LED's light up. I would like to know if there is a quick fix for this or what else I can do, thanks.

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It's very strange that both boards are having the same problem. It sounds like you have tried with different computers? Anything you can do to rule out any points of failure will be good. Try different computers, different USB cable, without a USB hub etc. 


Do the drivers load? There might be a driver conflict with another FTDI based product. You can go to FTDI's utilities page and download a tool that will remove their drivers. Then reinstall the Papilio driver, that might be a solution.


Worst case scenario we will replace the boards for you, but it is unlikely that you got two bad boards... There is probably something else going on here.





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