How to use I2c blocks from design lab to VHDL code


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Hi guys,


I am not sure if this is the right forum to post in but lets say I want to create an I2C block on my FPGA.   There are a lot of I2C blocks on opencores.  Should I download these or does the design lab IDE do something similar.  I need to be able to edit the VHDL code for these I2C blocks. Right now I still dont get exactly what Design Labs is doing. Is it just converting a hand drawn circuit to VHDL code? Are there any built in VHDL blocks that I can use(like open cores?). I don't want to use any C program and program the FPGA using C.  The fpga is not a soft processor but operates as a standalone . AM I missing something?

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At this point there is no stand alone I2C block in DesignLab. But there is a wishbone I2C block that can be controlled by C code running on the ZPUino Soft Processor. 


In DesignLab all of the schematic blocks are built with VHDL or Verilog and presented as schematic symbols that you can connect using the schematic editor to make a working FPGA circuit. You can right click any symbol and choose, "Push into" to see and modify the VHDL code.


You are also free to download any I2C code from OpenCores and use it in DesignLab. In that case DesignLab just makes using the Xilinx tools a little bit easier.



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Thanks for the reply. Sounds good. ALso an other thing. I didnt want to start a separate thread for it. But I see that on the github page you have the eagle wings. However if I open it in eagle I see that I really cant edit them since they seem to be library components. Could you share the library you made for the OV7670 wing. Also the module seems to be 9x2 but you have only 8x2 connections. Why is this?

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