AVR to Wishbone bridge issue


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I am trying to get the example project AVR_WISHBONE_BRIDGE to work. I am finally at a point on a project I need the 2 to talk.


I have tried in earlier versions and it does not synthesize. I have also downloaded the latest version of Designlab and it does not work there either. It looks like some change had been made to possibly the ZPUino since it was created that is causing it to fail to build.


At this point I have not added any additional code, just opened the example project with DUO as board and edit circuit and then generate programming file. Below is the error



Elaborating entity <AVR_Wishbone_Bridge> (architecture <behave>) from library <designlab>.
WARNING:HDLCompiler:89 - "C:\DesignLab-1.0.7\libraries\AVR_Wishbone_Bridge\AVR_Wishbone_Bridge.vhd" Line 168: <zpuino_papilio_duo_v2_blackbox> remains a black-box since it has no binding entity.
ERROR:HDLCompiler:410 - "C:\DesignLab-1.0.7\libraries\AVR_Wishbone_Bridge\AVR_Wishbone_Bridge.vhd" Line 246: Expression has 19 elements ; expected 21


I tried just changing the 2 locations where the sram mention 18:0 to 20:0. This does get rid of this error, but then it generates a whole slew of other errors.


Has anyone got this to work recently? Is there something small I am just missing?




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I figured it out finally. I happened to be looking around the gadget factory website and saw there was a video about this topic I had not seen.


It uses a new example AVR_to_ZPUino_Communications. It does work fine on the duo.


So if anyone else is looking to do this use the AVR_to_ZPUino_Communications example not the AVR_Wishbone_Bridge example.


Jack you might want to remove that older example if you get a chance in future versions of DesignLab since it might cause confusion if someone doesn't see this post.



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Ok, I just removed the old AVR_Wishbone_bridge example in favor of the AVR_to_ZPUino_Communications example.


The AVR_Wishbone_Bridge example was too outdated, there were many changes done to the underlying memory and external connections for it to work anymore without some big changes.


The change will be in the DesignLab 1.0.8 release.



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