Xlinx ISE Webtools on Papilio Duo


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Newbie question:


Can one use Xlinx ISE Webtools on the DUO in addition to the Design Lab IDE - also looking to learn Verilog/VHDL and if yes, how is Webtools configured to be used with the DUO?


Many thanks.


Yes, you can use ISE WebPACK without the Design Lab IDE.  Just select Papilio DUO's Spartan-6: device = XC6SLX9, package = TQG144, speed = 2.  Use Gadget Factory's user constraint file (.ucf) as a starting point to specify your pinout.


I use ISE WebPACK 12.4.  I've found that it's best to use an ISE release that was current when your device was new.  Later releases are for newer parts and may have regressed for older parts.  JMO/YMMV

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