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So after installing that huge obsolete Xilink ISE WebPack Design tools which is what was needed to edit circuits for the Spartan 6 FPGA on the Papilio Pro, I went on to open the DesignLab IDE, click on new circuit, and then edit circuit to create and edit a new schematic when I get this error. The clicking of the edit button should have opened the ISE project navigator like in one these videos ( that show how to go about making FPGA circuits using the IDE. I am instead getting this error (see attachment), can anybody guess why? I have tried running the program as admin and I will try reinstalling the IDE, but I think the problem lies elsewhere.


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Hello Karthik,


Here are some things to try:


  • Can you make sure that you can open up the Xilinx ISE Navigator software ok?
  • Can you open any of the existing examples and try and edit the circuit instead of making a new circuit?
  • Does it look like the association with *.xise files is in place? Can you hit ctl-k and find the circuit directory and then see if double clicking on the *.xise file opens the Xilinx navigator app?

Let us know if this shakes anything loose.



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  • 3 months later...

Hi Karthix,


I'm experincing the same problem you had.  Mine is  a little different, "cannot find 'file://C:\Program'".  I've looked all over for anything searching for "C:\Program" to no avail.

I checked all the suggestions that Jack posted and they are all good.  I was wondering if you ever resolved your error and what was the solution.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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Hello Smithh,


It looks like you might have installed into "C:\Program Files\" directory. The space in "Program Files" causes a problem for some of the tools used in DesignLab. If you can reinstall into the C:\ directory then it will install into C:\DesignLab and there will not be any problems with spaces in the file path.



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