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Got the Papilio Duo as a Kickstarter backer, only now getting to grips with it.

I am running on Windows 7.1 and

Papilio FPGA boards is set as Papilio Duo 2MB - Zpuino


I am trying to work through the examples and I am stuck.

Got a lot sorted by following the instructions pages and Wiki and common problem pages.


I am using Sketch
 Gadget Factory
 Papilio DUO QuickStart Example

 created 2014
 by Jack Gassett


The Led and button wing were operational when it first powered up, but stopped after I had loaded the bit file associated with the Sketch.

This is as I expected as I still have to generate the Arduino shketch file to up load to the Zpuino.
Which is where I hit a problem

During the Arduino sketch compile, the compile fails with

zpu-elf-g++: Files: No such file or directory
zpu-elf-g++: (x86)\DesignLab-1.0.7\hardware\zpuino\zpu20\cores\zpuino/ No such file or directory
Error compiling.


I have attached the verbose output. that is generated until fail point.


I am not good with Arduino so I may be doing something wrong.

Can anyone help?


By the way the file called for is in the directory structure.

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