DesignLab 1.0.7 Released!

Jack Gassett

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I just uploaded DesignLab 1.0.7, download it here.


The big changes are that the Logic Analyzer is better integrated and there is support for RGB LED panels now!


Here are the changes:

DesignLab 1.0.7 - 2015.06.16
-Fix problem with saving a new project and then having to save again when opening library.
-When opening Logic Analyzer project there is now an option to load a LA bit file to the FPGA.
-LA icon added to menu bar.
[DesignLab Libraries]
-Benchy Logic Analyzer library updated with 16 and 32 Channel circuit symbols.
-SmartMatrix RGB Panel Library added. (Color Correction not enabled.)
-RGB Panel circuit symbol and wing symbol added.
-1-Pixel Pacman working with SmartMatrix RGB Panel library.
-Animated GIFs working with SmartMatrix RGB Panel library.
-Add Wing buses to ucf files.
-Gameduino library fixed and fully working again.
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Great, I'll give it a shot. The extra memory for the Papilio Pro logic analyzer will be of particular interest for me. Thanks.


UPDATE:  I installed DesignLab and fired up the logic analyzer and it asked to upload the firmware and was was nice is that it told me bit0-15 was on Wing port B and bits 16-31 were on port C.  Captured the 100Mhz clock off of the Wing Port C power bus(pin4).  I did see the change in capture buffer(upto 64kB) for the Papilio Pro when selecting the Papilio Pro from the new list of devices.  But when asking to probe for device meta data it returns blank.


Looks like I'll be giving up on the OLS updates 0.9.8-snapshot and going with the mod'ed 0.9.7 included in DesignLab.



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