Running Gameduino on Papilio DUO


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I tried to run Gameduino on Papilio DUO, but I hit a wall. When I try to upload an example to the AVR it says it can't find GD.h The exact message is 

collision.ino:6:16: fatal error: GD.h: No such file or directorycompilation terminated.Error compiling.

That's not very suprising as there isn't such file in the Gameduino library that can be downloaded from Gadget Factory. What am I doing wrong?


What I've done:

Downloaded the Gameduino library from this website.

Copied the three directories to library directory and they showed up in DesignLab.

Uploaded the Classic Computing Shield version of Gameduino to the FPGA side of my Papilio DUO. 

Tried to upload an example (any example from Gameduino should work, even the most basic ones fail) to the AVR side of the Papilio DUO.

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Ok, I've been looking into this all morning. This problem was introduced when we upgraded to Arduino version 1.5.8, there are two problems I'm working through.


First, libraries are handled differently now and 1.5.8 does not like that the Gameduino library does not match the header files. Changing the Gameduino library folder to GD so it matches the GD.h and GD.cpp files fixes the problem of not being able to find the library. But it exposes another problem that I'm working through now.


We are now getting this error message:

error: 'prog_uchar' has not been declared


Apparently with 1.5.8 they upgraded the avr toolchain and this is no longer supported as described here:


Adding this to GD.h lets some of the examples work:

typedef const unsigned char prog_uchar;


But some examples complain so I'm still figuring out a good solution. Should have more info soon.



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  • 2 months later...

Hi all,


I updated the Gameduino1 libraries a couple of months ago. It now builds cleanly with Arduino IDEs from 1.0.5 to 1.6.5.  There are also more games and demos included.


The source code for the GD1 library is here - if you have a patch then a pull request would be very welcome!





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