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I made a handy little module containing S/PDIF input and output buffers from Hamster's post on the topic. I didn't use a wing format for several reasons, it seemed silly to waste a whole wing spot when only two I/O pins are needed and the two side by side jacks are too wide to fit in a single space. Also I wanted to be able to easily use this on any FPGA board and the standard 0.1" header is very easy to connect with the ubiquitous breadboard/arduino jumpers.


Attached are the PCB files in both the native KiCAD format and standard Gerbers that I used to have my boards made. There's also a complete BOM with Digikey part numbers. I'm releasing this as open source so feel free to do whatever you like with it. I've built and verified that everything works as intended.


Has anyone done anything with Hamster's S/PDIF code? I've managed to get the passthrough working fine and got some recognizable but very distorted audio from a DAC. I'm still trying to decipher what some of the code is doing and properly decode the stream to analog stereo audio.


Here's the S/PDIF passthrough post for reference.






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I found some other code today and got it working to decode stereo audio from the S/PDIF stream paired with Hamster's dac16.




It's even written with the Papilio board in mind although I got it working on an Altera Cyclone II mini board just for fun. That board is roughly equivalent to the Papilio One 250k and this only uses 4% of the FPGA and performs flawlessly.

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