DesignLab 1.0.6 released!

Jack Gassett

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I just uploaded DesignLab 1.0.6 to the server. The biggest change is a bunch of new libraries and RetroCade Synth working with updated MIDI libraries and ZPUino 2.0.


Here is the changelog:

DesignLab 1.0.6 - 2015.05.13
Fix CTL-Z opening a new ZPUino project instead of undo edit.
[DesignLab Libraries]
-Servo library works for ZPUino and AVR now.
-I2C schematic symbol and library added.
-WiiChuck example added, using I2C.
-Robot Control Library - PWM and Quadrature Decoder working.
-RetroCade Synth is updated and completely working with ZPUino 2.0 now.
-PS/2 library added for AVR and ZPUino. Mouse and keyboard support.
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Just tried to make a NEW zpuino circuit with an empty user Designlab folder (Windows 8.1). While editing the cicrcuit with Xilinx ISE the opened shematic is good with the basic Zpuino and DUO pinout.


Adding a new symbol don't bring any library PS2 wishbone to select ... Am I missing something ?






PS : loading to FPGA looks also broken for all examples .....

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Hello mpcour,


the PS2 example is software which can run both on the AVR chip and on the ZPUno. There is a circuit because the ZPUno is a soft- core/processor and by hitting the load circuit button you upload the ZPUno, after that you should upload the PS2 example code with the Upload button.

There are more detailed tutorials and videos on :)


As for the actual uploading I have also problems with this release. -



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if you get a chance, send me an email how to fix it in github?


when i downloaded a copy of my modified romgen it changed all the \r\n to \n 's which would be fine in linux but not so much for me on windows.


i have a feeling it even screwed up my other projects on there..


(sorry for the off topic)

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You can change the global autocrlf setting, you can google how that is done, I always have to look it up.


Or you can change it per project with the .gitattributes setting like I did here:


Note: I had to delete the .sh files and then discard the delete to get them changed correctly.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Jack,


I just refreshed my installation of the Papilio environment in order to work on my retrocade-based synth with the new version of the tools.


I found that the .bit file links in the Audio_RetroCade_Synth is incorrectly linked (and only the 1.0 Zpuino is linked) thus


Click on the link below to load the latest production RetroCade bit file with all of the sample audio files

i.e. the circuits/ subfolder is missing from the link
Perhaps change the links so that it defaults to the Zpuino 2.0 bit file by default?
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Hello AIY,


I'm sorry, your post just made me realize that having that link there needs more explanation. I put that link there so people can easily go back and forth from the last production release, which uses zpuino 1.0 and their own sketches in DesignLab that uses ZPUino 2.0. To load the ZPUino 2.0 circuit you need to click on the "Load Circuit" icon at the top of the IDE. Then you can write the sketch to the ZPuino 2.0 Retrocade circuit.


The main reason for the old 1.0 link is because the full selection of SID, YM, and MOD files is included with it. It takes a long time to load all of those files over the serial port so the files included with the DesignLab sketch are much smaller...



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