Best MIDI controller(s) to use with RetroCade Synth?


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newbie here. itsnin thmail!! cant wait.. would an arturia analog factory minilab be usable with the retrocade? im new to controllers and do not u derstand does this provide power? if. ot, can i use a crappy old oxygen8 an mount or modify the case to appear as "all in one" synth. i would smaller setup as possible. i love look of arturia minilab ... it has usb , no midi din port though,l

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Not having a direct MIDI output seems to be the trend these days... You should be able to use the arturia minilab but you need to use a usb to midi converter on your computer to do so. Alternatively, you might be able to use a Raspberry Pi or some such mini-computer to make a portable solution.



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Here is a tutorial from Colin's Lab that I came across a while ago that details how to make a usb to midi converter sans-computer, using an arduino board and a USB Host shield:

And I have to say I am NOT a fan of controllers ditching direct MIDI out. Some companies are doing 3.5mm to midi DIN breakout cables for their devices so they can still keep the slim profile(like the new Korg Electribe), which is nice for folks who still like to goof with hardware sometimes.

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