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While digging through my boxes of parts I found an old Sharp LM4Q30TA monochrome QVGA panel. Unfortunately I'm having zero luck finding a pinout for this thing anywhere. The datasheet I did find has specifications but no information on the pinout other than the fact that it's 12 pins (which I already knew) and it's a 4 bit parallel interface. There are no exposed ICs so I can't take that route. Anyone know anything about these? Being rather old and monochrome it's not worth much but I'd still like to try to make it do something.

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I managed to find a datasheet for an old color LCD that looks like it may use the same interface.




It looks like it's a dual-scan display with the scan lines interleaved between the top and bottom half of the picture. Not as straightforward as the dotclock/hsync/vsync type interface but still relatively simple. I'll have to mess around and see if the pinout is in fact the same.

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