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I tried the card I use for the acorn atom also for the atari 800 and it works just fine. I can load *.car and *.atr. So I think it is not my card that is the fault. I tried a Philips a Kingston and a sandisk card with my acorn atom. All the cards give a N/A sign in *HELP and *CAT.

I am monday free so I can get some measerements with my osciloscoop. You will here from me.



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Thanks for that info - very useful.


What's really weird in this case is it's failing very early on - at the CMD0 - and up to this point I can't see any difference between your flow chart, and what the Atom code is doing.


Can I ask what kind of speed the SD Clock would be running at in the Atari?



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I use this spi master hardware:


56Mhz clk, clk_div is set to 2. So I think about 14MHz but To be honest I never double checked with my scope or la!

Edit: of course init runs slow before the speed is boosted. I use a divider of 128 for that.

Oh and worth checking the code matches the flow chart:) http://www.scrameta.net/atarixlfpga_svn/trunk/atari_800xl/firmware/sd_direct/

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