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Hi chiptune folks - 


I've finally got the sketch loaded onto my Papilio and now can't seem to get any audio out of the RetroCade.  I'm hooked up like this:


Papilio Pro with RetroCade Wing -> USB -> PC (Space invader guy shows up, and I use the joystick to switch channels)

Edirol PCR-80 -> USB -> PC

Headphones -> RetroCade audio jack


Retrocade Dashboard up and running and change the MIDI in to be the Edirol midi controller.


Should I be getting audio now?

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Just figured out I can play the SID\MOD files (nothing from the YMD files though)... so clearly this is a MIDI issue.  I'll keep tinkering, but if anyone has a simple explanation on setting the MIDI side of things up, I'd appreciate it.


Cheers, this thing sounds rad!

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Hello gtLynx,


For the YM files you need to use a bat file to convert from YM to YMD files. If you used the Retrocade installer you should be able to right click on a YM file and choose to convert it to YMD: (look at the end of the section linked here)



Have you had any luck with the MIDI control yet? Please take a look at the following link for more info:


Let us know how its coming.



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