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Jack Gassett

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Hello everyone, as you may have noticed I have a hard time keeping up with content for the Gadget Factory blog. I intended the blog as a place to keep track of all the cool FPGA and Open Source Hardware projects that show up on the internet, with a heavier emphasis on FPGA. Unfortunately, I end up going through phases, like at tax time, where I get so swamped with business tasks that I don't get the time to seek out and post new content. 


I wanted to seek out help from the Papilio community. If anyone out there is interested in curating FPGA and Open Source Hardware content for the blog I'd love to hear from you. Anything from full access to the wordpress blog to write your own posts to the occasional tip about a story is greatly appreciated. All we need is to surf the web looking for relevant FPGA and OSHW stories and then blog about them so we have a nice searchable archive of the cool FPGA and OSHW developments on the web. Whenever I'm looking for inspiration for new Papilio projects I generally look back over the blog for stuff that I forgot about... 


Thank you! Any help is greatly appreciated!


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I would be willing to start finding some FPGA or OSHW articles to help out.


Owning a businesses myself (and a partner in 2 others) I understand all too well the demands this time of the year :)


Let me know how you want me to help. I can't say I have ever used wordpress but I would think it can't be that hard.


Just my thoughts.



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