Papilio_stepper DesignLab library added


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Based on Jack's excellent new videos on building DesignLab libraries I have taken the old code for the papilio_stepper and updated it to work with DesignLab.Also added the code to stop, in addition to possibly interrupting, after set number of steps. 


I added example circuits for all boards as well as schematics as well as pdf's of the circuits.


One tip for others that are creating DesignLab libraries, don't try to generate programming or synthesis the chip designer. I had got used to doing that working on regular circuits but if you try on chip designer it will always fail with errors. Don't generate the programming file until your working on the example circuits. This point may not impact other but I lost a bunch of time on it until I rewatched Jacks video a couple times.


Hope other find it useful.



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