Papilio sensitive to hand?!

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I just dusted off my Papilio One and programmed it with the Quickstart-Papilio_One_500K-v1.5.bit file that is posted for it. When I look at it from a distance (say 1 ft away, maybe 40 cm or so), the even-numbered LEDs light up and stay lit up. However, if I get closer to it, say leaning over it to get a closer look or simply holding my hand over it, the LEDs start to blink. How could my physical proximity to the board affect its behavior? I'm using it with the LogicStart MegaWing. Changing the switches next to the LEDS has no effect on the LED behavior. I used my Aruino serial monitor to read the serial port and the Papilio is sending ASCII characters from 34 (") to 126 (~) out the serial port.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Keith Williams

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