PS/2 input + free pins with a flipped Arcade MegaWing?


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For my next project, I need to use a PS/2 keyboard as an input device, and a 1602 LCD module for output. This means I will need a PS/2 port and some free pins (six to be exact) at the same time. What options do I have if I don't have a standalone PS/2 wing?

My current plan is to take an Arcade MegaWing, and put it on a Papilio One flipped, i.e. by leaving the connector marked U$1WING2 free, and then use some male-to-male jumper cables on that connector to connect to the LCD on a breadboard. By re-mapping the pins in the UCF file, I should be able to get one of the PS/2 connectors working that way, right? Is there a better way to achieve this?

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Thanks, by moving the Arcade MegaWing (instead of flipping), and using P85/P83 of the Papilio One as the PS/2 DATA/CLK lines, I got it working.

However, my schedule has also changed, and so I might have enough time to wait for the PS/2 wing, so I'll be taking you up on your offer. I'll send my shipping details in a private email.

Thanks a lot!

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What I do is just use some of those breadboard jumper leads and plug them into the megawing pins and then into the desired headers on the Papilio, that gives you complete flexibility.


On that note, a suggestion for future wings is to put the pin function (example "PS/2 CLK") on the bottom silkscreen next to each pin. That would cost nothing and make it simpler to do this sort of thing.

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I just got the PS/2 wings in the mail, thank you!


I've meanwhile manned up and made a PS/2-to-breadboard adapter by soldering a PS/2 connector to a stripboard; that went well apart from mixing up GND and Vcc on the first try, frying the keyboard... :)


Check the result:


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