MX25L6445 SPI/BPI device not found in iMPACT


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Hi Guys,


i cant seem to find a solution or guide to this on the web, i know the Papilio Pro had a smaller SPI Flash device earlier on in its revisions (i cant remember what part is was - could someone let me know?) and now the board uses Macronix's MX25L6445 64Mb device, however i have an issue when trying to load the .bit then .mcs file to it via the fpga in iPMACT, im using iMPACT 14.7 but when i select attached SPI/BPI device there is no MX25L6445 in the list, i have tried with M25P64 &  W25Q64 variants knowing they have a similar command set.. but the device failed to erase when processing that command.. is there any obvious trick i am missing here to download the config file to this SPI device?


Thanks in Advice for any help!


Kind Regards,


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Unfortunately the SPI Flash chip is just not supported in Xilinx ISE. I remember being disappointed too when I first got impact working only to discover that the SPI Flash chip is not supported... 


The Papilio Loader works great to load a bit file to the Papilio board though...



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Is there a way to write an mcs file to the papilio pro? More specifically the problem I am trying to solve is to have a file that writes data sections to predefined addresses in the SPI flash. e.g. I want to put binary images at the 1M boundary, different ones at the 2M boundary (just an example). My core can read the spi flash happily by address (ported from the Atlys) but I cant find a way to write a binary file to a specific SPI address like i can with the Adept software. 




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