Computation shield PS2 port 1 issue


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If I use PS2 port one on the classic computing shield it works, but eventually the lights on my keyboard start flashing. I'm using the port purely as an input from the FPGA.



I do not have this issue with PS2_CLK2/PS2_DAT2, so will use them for now.


I see the pins are shared with the arduino so I guess that is related. In my vhdl code I'm holding the arduino in reset with:

Is there a workaround for this? I guess I should take the arduino out of reset them upload some code to it to ensure these pins are high impedance?
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I see that the pins for PS2 port 1 are connected to D4 and D5 which are shared with the AVR pins... But like you say, holding the arduino reset pin in reset should put those pins in High-Z and cause them to not do anything. Maybe let the AVR run and run a sketch to turn the pins into inputs and see if that makes a difference.



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