problem to upload webpack_quickstart.bit


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I use a papilio pro with logicstart megawing, I installed papilio loader 2.7 and ISE 14.7 on my ubuntu 14.04 and I have a problem when I try to upload webpack_quickstart.bit


I succeed to send the Quickstart-Papilio_Pro_LX9-v1.5.bit file :

Using devlist.txtJTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x24001093    Desc: XC6SLX9Created from NCD file: top_avr_core_v8.ncd;UserID=0xFFFFFFFFTarget device: 6slx9tqg144Created: 2012/02/13 17:18:57Bitstream length: 2724832 bitsUploading "/home/delfare/workspace/fpga/helloworld/Quickstart-Papilio_Pro_LX9-v1.5.bit". DNA is 0xd9319d13fdee84ffDone.Programming time 532.2 msUSB transactions: Write 180 read 12 retries 5

but when I try with the webpack_quickstart.bit generated by ISE (and doesn't seem to have errors), I got this error :

Using devlist.txtJTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x24001093    Desc: XC6SLX9readusb waiting too long for 2 bytes, only 0 availableerror No such deviceIOException:

any idea?




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Yes I was targeting the same FPGA.

I don't have the problem anymore (I don't know what I have changed but it works now).

I still have the project and the bit file that had (and still has) the problem (I can send you if you want), but if I create a new project with the same procedure, it works.

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