Papilio DUO or Papilio Pro


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i just trying to compare between papilio pro and duo to see what is the difference and which one have more feature to do more project and implement more circuit with it




from papilio pro page i see its contain


64Mbit Micron MT48LC4M16 SDRAM



while Duo does not have SDRAM only





can someone reccomend one of these boad to me


i want the logic analyzer and implement it on the board is that possible with papilio pro or not




my regards

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Hello Haider,


The SRAM of the Papilio DUO is much easier to use and is more suitable to use with the Logic Analyzer core. You get less of it but the tradeoff is how easy it is to use. With the SDRAM you get a lot more, but you have to learn about and follow the timing restrictions to utilize it.



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thank you Mr.Jack Gassett


i thin i'll choice Papilio Duo to start learing

i'll buy the kits

Papilio DUO-2MB


LogicStart Shield




but one more question please

when i implement logic analyzer i thing i need probe to use it

what is the best kit

is this will be enough and connect well with Duo or not

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i didn't use logic analyzer before

also i dont have one its little expensive

i want to learn FPGA so i think it's good chance to use the same board to implement Logic Analyze...

i want to analyze USB signal between usb flash disk and PC or any thing have digital signal

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Hello Haider,


Those probes will work fine with the DUO but like Felix said, you will need a way to connect the probes to the DUO. This buffer would protect the FPGA pins from higher voltages and give you the male pins you need:



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