Burn of bootloader failed with DesignLab 1.0.3 and DesignLab 1.0.1 on Kubuntu 64 bits


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Hi Jack,


When trying to restore the AVR bootloader I obtain an error message because file DesignLab-1.0.x/hardware/arduino/avr/bootloaders/caterina/Caterina-Papilio-duo.hex do not exist.

The correct file seems to be DesignLab-1.0.x/hardware/arduino/avr/bootloaders/caterina/Caterina-Papilio-DUO.hex

Coudl you perform the necessary corrections in DesignLab so that it searchs the correct name ?

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Ok, phew these issues are backing up on me and I'm realizing that the Linux releases are more messed up then I realized after I merged in the latest changes for Arduino 1.5.8. I'm working on the problems now but it's getting hard to keep track of all the forum posts. Can you start putting these in the issue tracker on Github so I can keep track of everything?






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