Win7 FTDI Dual RS232 install issues

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Hi all,


Heck of a way to introduce my self.


I received my Papilio One and Pro yesterday and have been having FTDI driver issues on my Win7 laptop.


(By the way, my Papilio DUO is happy as a clam working with this laptop - it initializes everything just fine and appears as the two COM ports it should appear as! Yay!!)


Now to the problem boards:


I installed the latest Papilio Loader software package and plug in either the Pro or the One. It shows up in Device Manager as a single entry called DUAL RS232 with an exclamation mark (the pop ups told me the driver install failed).Device Status says: The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28).


I try to manually update the driver software for the device by pointing to the folder and it fails. 


I plug in the other board, it goes through the same process and gets the same results.


I go to FTDI and grab the drivers straight from them and get the same results. 


I try USB2 and USB3 ports and get the same results.


I verify the cable is good and get the same results.


I take my Pro to a Windows 8.1 2-in-1 Asus Tablet and plug it in and it finds both COM ports and the board runs the preloaded software.


Back on my Win7 system, I plug in another dev board with an FT232R chip on it. It loads up just fine. Ironically when I look into the device driver details, it is using drivers signed by Gadget Factory!!! 


Anybody have any suggestions for a future plan of attack??


Oh, yeah, my name is Rick, and this is all just a hobby I do for FUN???


I'm really impressed with your products! I understand they are really interesting when you can talk to them!!  :D









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Hello Rick,


Welcome to the community and sorry you are having this hassle. I think the first thing you should try is to run FTDI's driver uninstall tool that will clear up any driver conflicts and let you re-install the latest and greatest.


You can download the tool from this page:


Look for:

CDM Uninstaller 1.4.


You will need to put in the VID/PID which I think should 0403 and 6010.


Let us know how it goes.



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Hi Jack,

Thanks for the welcome. I was probably trying the ftdi utility when you were responding. No luck yet but my windows laptop is probably quite a disaster as far as drivers go, it's had many versions of many things installed over the past three years. It needs some cleanup. I'lI keep pluggin' and playin' until I figure it out!

The biggest frustration is I wanted to start in on Hamster's book.

I wonder if all this stuff would run in a Windows VM under Parallels on a Mac?

Thanks again,


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The good news is that everythign runs great with Win7 running under Parallels on my Mac. (I guess when you want Windows to work, you need to run it on a Mac?) I'm up and running and working my way through Hamster's great book!


As for the laptop, it may take a "scorched earth" recovery to fix the drivers - it's been acting strange lately anyway. Maybe it needs a new SSD instead of that old spinning HDD. I may try one last thing, the install of Papilio Loader ran differently on the Mac and left a lot more .inf files when it was done. I may just check the Win on the Mac for "new files" in the Windows folder and just brute force them over to the's not like I can break it at this point!


Thanks for the help and suggestions, I'm off to learn FPGA programming!!

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The FTDI drivers can be a real pain sometimes, at least once I had to clear them all out manually on my old XP box to get a different FTDI device working properly. I've got Papilio boards working fine on both XP and Win7 though so with the drivers properly configured it does work.

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Hi James,


Thank for the reply. I've come to the conclusion that the problem is solely the PC and nothing to do with anything Jack provided. The entire driver set (and possibly other things) are messed up. I'm doing the *FINAL* backup today and ordering a replacement SSD from Amazon. The transplant is scheduled for this weekend. When that PC next comes to life, it will be running Linux and Windows will be no more than a VM to it!


As mentioned above, the entire Gadget Factory software package installed fine and is running fine in a Win7 VM on my Mac.

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