Papilio Loader clashes with Bitscope DSO

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I've noticed if I have my USB Bitscope DSO plugged in, Papilio Loader fails to find the Papilio board. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that the Bitscope is internally a serial to USB device. Is there a workaround? Many times it woul be great to be able to update the code on the fpga without shutting down the scope.

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I've got a Papilio One 500k and a Papilio Pro, I think they're a better match for my needs than the Duo, I never really got into the Arduino thing and while learning VHDL is a huge hurdle, in the long run it will give me a lot more flexibility than relying on modules writted by others.


Xc3sprog looks promising, I hadn't heard of that yet. That's a nice alternative for anyone wanting to program Xilinx chips without buying the expensive and bulky USB platform cable. Overall the Papilio Loader application works pretty well, the snag I ran into (and covered by that thread) is really the only problem I've had with it.

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I just made a new release of Papilio Loader that lets you specify the -D option so you can better target your desired board.


2/24/2015 Version 2.7
Papilio GUI
-Add Board Name field so you can manually specify the board name.
-Added Papilio Pro, Papilio One, and Papilio DUO to Target Board dropdown.
-Removed .bmm and .hex fields from simple mode.
-Updated Icon
-Drivers are signed for easy install in Windows 8
-Support for the Papilio DUO VID/PID
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