SIMPL - A Serial Interpreted, Minimal Programming Language


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Hi All,


A couple of years ago, I stumbled across a minimalist, interpreted programming language, created by Ward Cunningham - wiki pioneer.


He called it Txtzyme - a concatenation of text and enzyme, and suggested that it could boost creativity.


What it is, is a tiny interpreted language, where a single ASCII character is interpreted as an instruction, and causes a block of associated C code to be executed.


It is so compact, it can be condensed into about 90 lines of Arduino C code.


However, what it provides, is a powerful means to command the hardware of a microcontroller, just using a few characters sent over a serial port.  


Essentially it is a low level language for exercising new hardware.


I took Ward's simple interpreter and extended it, to create a programming tool, that I call SIMPL.  It borrows heavily from some of the minimalist ideas, first used 40 years ago by Chuck Moore's FORTH and the various TinyBasics used in the mid-1970s for some of the early 8 bit systems.


To cut to the chase, I now have SIMPL running on ZPUino, on a Papilio Duo with Logic Start Shield.  


I can turn LEDs on and off with a few snippets of interpreted code, run LED chasers or synthesize musical tones.


I'm currently trying to compile about 2 years of experimentation into a concise document.  In the meantime - if you want to play with SIMPL - the raw sketch is up her on this github gist.



I'd appreciate comments and feedback. Have fun



Ken B






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Thanks for taking a look.


This tiny interpreted language is a great way of breathing the first life signs into new hardware.


I was amazed how quickly I hacked it to run on the ZPUino.


In this simple form, It can toggle an output pin at 161kHz - just using the digitalWrite function.


Does the ZPUino  recognise standard  AVR register naming for direct I/O port manipulation - that way it would get an order of magnitude higher speed over digitalWrite see








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