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Then it's playing time!


Here are my notes/questions :


a) Any better Papilio DUO pdf (not everything on one sheet, its useless !) ??


B) As far I understand well the power jumper is either for AVR only OR BOTH AVR & FPGA  ?  Later case switch 1 hold AVR reset or not.


c) Trying to use QuickStart tutorial/sketch I get a board mismatch (see attached shot). Is there an explanation and pass thru ?


Thanks for attention and great work.


 PS : I apologize for any bad english I can use.





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It sounds like you need to hit the "Load Circuit" icon before you try to upload the sketch. The circuit loaded to the DUO from the factory is a ZPUino 1.0 soft processor. You need to load the circuit associated with the Papilio_DUO_Quickstart sketch which contains a ZPUino 2.0 soft processor.



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