Papilio one 500 Logicstart & VGA..


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Hi guys. I have a Papilio one 500 with the Logicstart board which I love.

Now I also have a ZX spectrum 48 computer which I love as well.

I would like to know if it would be ossible in ANY WAY to use the Papilio One Logicstart to convert the output signal from the ZX Spectrum to VGA so I could plug my speccy into a VGA monitor instead of a TV.

Is this possible?

Can it be done ?




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Due to noise it is not possible to capture the YUV signals correctly.


However, there's a trick... which is to use the expansion connector to eavesdrop on Address+Data lines in order to capture writes to the Spectrum framebuffer, and replicate the image internally.


Actually, this is also part of a project I may start in March or April.

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Here is a module that will convert YUV signals to RGB, but this was used for the A2601 project where the YUV signals were generated and hsync was as well. Like Alvie says, capturing the YUV signals is going to be hard to do, all of the commercial composite video to VGA converters I've ever used sucked...



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