Can't get any sound out of my Papilio Pro with Arcade MegaWing V1.2


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Hello all,


Today I received my Papilio Pro LX9 with Arcade Megawing V1.2 ...

(I'm a former professional software developer with electronics as a hobby, and I wanted to get a taste of FPGA)


I installed ZAP 2.3.0 and burned the bootloader (using "ZPuino on Papilio Pro (LX9), Hyperion with 8-bit HQVGA on Arcade MegaWing")  (so, the correct ZPuino is in the Flash I assume ?)

Next, I tried some samples from the "Papilio Examples" and also some other examples ...


Most of the samples do run, however, I'm unable to get any sound out of the arcade megawing. I connected ipod earphone, computer speakers and even an amplifier, all without any succes.

I use the serial monitor while running these samples, and get nice info returned (smallfs started, info about filename etc ... for the audio_Modfile_simple and Audio_Sid_simple ... the Audio_YM2149_Simple give me a message that no SD card is found)


Upload to the board sometimes hangs, and when I try to run the "more complicated" VGA examples, I sometimes get a message while watching the serial monitor, stating that the SmallFS has failed, and the code is halted ...


Is there something wrong with my board, or am I missing something ? I also noticed that between the AUDIO connector and JOYSTICK B connector, there are 8 holes without a pin in it. (when I check on the Papilio itself, those holes/pins refer to 5V / 3V3 / GNF pins)

Is this normal, or should I solder pins in these holes ? I'm running windows 7 on my iMac and Macbook. should I use an external 5V jack for power supply ?


Can someone please help me out ? A simple method to try out that my board is faulty or something else ?



best regards,


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Thanks :-) indeed, those 8 holes I also have on my board, so nothing to worry about :-)

I think I have a faulty board, because I don't hear any sound with the PONG demo and also not with the PacMan :-(

(can someone provide me with a zip-file otherwise, with a game that does produce sound, just to be sure ?)


I also tried the Zetris example, included in ZAP 2.3.0, when I try to run it, I get an error on the serial monitor, stating that the SmallFS can't be found. (due to SmallFS.begin returning -1)

- My board type is correct: "ZPuino on Papilio Pro (LX9), Hyperion with 8-bit HQVGA on Arcade MegaWing"

- Files are located in "smallfs" folder" (I see the "SmallFS: Packed 5 files succesfully" at the start of the compilation and "SmallFS filesystem found, appending extra data file to FLASH" while uploading ...


UPDATE - got the Zetris running (without Sound)

Because the "load_image" example did work fine, I copied the setup_pin_select() from that sketch, to the zetris sketch.

I also changed the VGA.begin() to VGA.begin(VGAWISHBONESLOT(9),CHARMAPWISHBONESLOT(10)) ...

After this, I'm able to run Zetris (without sound) ...


So, my question remains, do I have a faulty Arcade MegaWing ? (or even maybe a faulty Papilio Pro ?)

Any other ideas ? Maybe someone can provide me with a BIT-file for my combination (Papilio Pro and Arcade Megawing) to check if my sound-part of my board is faulty ?





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Lol, in the meanwhile I "found" some sound :-)


I noticed that "LED3" was blinking in a "musical fashion/rythme" ...
I connected an ipod headphone to the IO pin of LED3, and voila, instant music !

It's only mono, I don't know on what pin the other channel is ...


I assume it got something to do with #define YM2148BASE IO_SLOT(10)

When I change the 10 to something else, the sound is "gone" ...

#define AUDIOPIN WING_A_15 seems to be correct.

#define AUDIOPIN WING_A_13 seems to be incorrect, I think the 13 needs to be 14 ...


I will play a bit with the value of the IO_SLOT, my VHDL/ISE knowledge is not good enough (almost non-existent) to get this solved "logically" ...



best regards,


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Ok, I just made a new release of DesignLab, 0.2.2, that has an Arcade MegaWing example for you. I tested it with a Papilio Pro and an Arcade MegaWing and I get audio output. Please download the latest version of DesignLab and look for the Arcade MegaWing example in the table of contents page.


There are also new guides at to help you get up and running with DesignLab.




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Thank you Jack for such a fast service, I will try it right away :-)


UPDATE - everything works fine !

I'm really "flurried" ... :-)
Everything does work, right out of the box, with Designlab 0.2.2, got a YM file sounding to my speakers, while looking at "hello world" in different colors ...

Even the demos in the WING_Audio and WING_VGA. (even the space invaders example, that I also couldn't get "up and running" with ZAP)

just listened to the YM file, SID file and MOD file, they all sound great :-)

This is going to be a weekend full of fun !


Thanks again for such a great service, now I can start building my dreams !
Time to learn some VHDL !



best regards from Belgium,


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Hi jack,

I even managed to get ise up and running and created my own bit-file for the Papilio Pro, so I will keep using the Designlab, not going back to zap anymore, you guys are geniusses !

Just another question, or should I openup another topic ? (Maybe you should add a subsection to the forum for the Designlab, like there is one for zap)

I noticed in the ise project, that the screen is syncing on 800x600 resolution, so why is the zpuino only using 160x120 ?

I would like to change my zpuino, so I can use it at a higher resolution, maybe 320x240 or 400x300 ...

Can someone point me out where to look to get a higher resolution ?

Thank you,


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Hey Kris,


The VGA "chip" that is available in DesignLab right now is a Half-Quarter VGA (HQVGA) implementation. The limiting factor is available memory. This was the first VGA wishbone design that Alvaro made and it was meant for the Papilio One 500K and the Papilio Pro. So he targeted it for the memory available in the Papilio One 500K. I'm pretty sure he has also made a version that does 800x600 by tapping into a DMA channel to the 8MB of SDRAM on the Papilio Pro. It hasn't been ported to DesignLab yet, maybe we can ask Alvaro if he has some time to look into turning the other VGA controllers he made into DesignLab libraries. :)


The real beauty of DesignLab is going to be in the libraries we can make for it, right now I'm still focusing on a stable 1.0 release and the Papilio DUO. I'm hoping that the Papilio community will start getting involved with making DesignLab libraries and we will have lots of cool "chips" to play with. 



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I see, the Papilio One, even the 500K version, does not have enough memory for a higher resolution. If we can use the SDram on the Papilio Pro, we can even go up to 1920x1080 without any problems. (This would require about 3 MB of memory at 12-bits colors, leaving another 5 MB "free" for other things)

In the meanwhile I did send Alvie a message, lets see what he got to say ...

If it was just some remapping of bits/bytes and "enlarging" variable arrays etc, I could probably have managed it myself, but if moving the whole vga memory-handling from "regular" (FPGA) memory to SDram is involved, I think I will wait for Alvies expertise :-)


In the meanwhile, I will fire up Solidworks, to "create" a nice enclosure for the Papilio Pro with the Arcade MegaWing, and 3D print it :-)

(I will make STL files available later on, so people can start printing ...)



UPDATE - question about eagle PCB design for Arcade Megawing BPW5031 - V1.2

I found the Eagle BRD file for the Papilio Pro, but I could not find the correct BRD file for the Arcade Megawing.

On Github, I only found a version with the VGA connector on the side of the PCB, and another design with the 2 joystick ports on the side of the PCB,

but I'm looking for the BRD file that look likes the picture on the first page of this topic ... (so, PS/2 A - VGA - Audio Jack - PS/2 B on one side of the PCB, and Joystick A - pushbuttons - Joystick B on the opposite site)

I need these file to do measurements for my 3D case design. (already printing the bottom part of the Papilio Pro while I write this message)



best regards,


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Hi guys,


I got to the hospital, unexpected :-( (ooh well, I'm already ill for more then a year, last year I was also in hospital for 4 times, 9 weeks in total)
I think I have missed my chat appointment yesterday, and also did not have the chance to email Alvie some links I promised. (they are on my other computer at home)

Any news yet about the VGA changes ?

Don't know yet when I can leave here, but I got my papilio and small VGA screen with me :-)

(They do know me here, I always take a room alone, last time I even had a 3D printer with me in hospital, LOL)


thanks & best regards,


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Hi Jack,

I need to stay here for at least a week,according to the doctors.

Don't worry about me, I'm used to hospitals. I have a defect in my blood, which caused an hart-attack at the age of 29.

(40 now, and still "up and running" - I will be forever an optimist)

I assume these pullup resistors can be turned on and off in software ?

I'm planning on using the pins on the joystick ports to use for something else.

(Serial communication with an ESP8266 module on one port and 4-pin resistive input from my touchscreen on the other connector)

I hope to hear from Alvie soon, I have enough "spare time" here in hospital,to do some experiments :-)

On the other hand, I still need to finish my drawings for the 3D print of my arcadewing case...

( so I can print it asap as I get home again)

Best regards,


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I hopy you guys are doing well with the VGA thingie ...


Just to let you guys know:

The doctor told me that I probably may leave the hospital on friday, so I will be back home for the weekend :-)
Then I can start with my FPGA aventure again :-)

I hope I have the courage to create the case for the Arcade Megawing somewhere in the next week (that is, when I'm home) ...

Still on my todo when I get home:
Alvie, I will email you the bookmarks about the ESP8266, and Jack, I will start a new topic with the Papilio Pro Case files.


best regards from hospital,


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Jack,


Thanks for the update, indeed some good news :-)

(I, on the other hand, need to stay in hospital for at least another week - I want to go home, so many things waiting for me to do at home)

OOh well, maybe if you release a new Designlab version within the upcomming week, I can start impressing the nurses :-)

(got my Papilio Pro hooked up to the television over here)


best regards,


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