Controlling a stepper motor


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Awesome. Great site you have too.


With this you should be able to drive any size motor you need. It will need to be shifted up to 5V TTL is all. I have several that I would like to test with your code. The FPGA is the ultimate way to do serious motor/servo/stepper control. Even a Arduino is light years ahead of what a PC is capable of.


All that's needed now is to implement the 'Bresenham line algorithm' on an FPGA. That would truly open up all the possibilities. Not just for CNC but graphics as well.


'Pick-and-Place Wing'?... CNC wing? 

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I'm going to try this out. I have a stepper motor from a flatbed scanner, and a double h-bridge.

The driver from seeed with the TI chip works different (the driver I'm using is featuring a dual H-Bridge, so that'll be simpler to control from the fpga).


The experiment has to wait a bit, because my stepper and driver first have to feature in a contest that I'm participating in.

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