What should I see in Device manager when a Papilio Duo is connected?


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When a Papilio Duo is connected using both MicroUSB and MiniUSB,cables how many virtual COM ports will I expect to see?


Will it be one for the Arduino interface and one for the FPGA? Or is the Arduino interface hidden behind the FPGA, and a bit file is required to make the connections for programming - much like how the EEPROM is accessed on the PapOne and PapPro.



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Hey Mike, 


With the Papilio drivers it should show two serial ports and the FTDI channel A port that is connected to the JTAG should be hidden. So there should be one port for the AVR and one for the FPGA. When you first plug in the microSD port it should show up as a bootloader for 7 seconds or something.



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