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hi there,


im new to the forum. i am playing around with the zpuino for about a month now in zap and vhdl. it runs on the papilio pro. the papilio 250k is nice as well, but its too small for my project. mainly i like it, because i needed 8 serial ports for my project. so far everything works just fine! :-) the 8 serial ports & spi work as expected.

as my project gets bigger, i was wondering, if there is a port for freertos available, which ive used before on stm32-mcus. ideally i could do with a freertos-version within the zap-ide. the only thing i spotted on the net is this on here:


unfortunately the freertos-files are not included. im using freertos 7.52 and in the path i can't find the zpu-folder. can anybody advise me in regards to freertos on the zpuino ?


best regards,



Edit:  its not included in FreeRTOS V5.30. its also not included in the current FreeRTOS 8.12...

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thanks jack, download took about 60sec. i let you know how it is like...


nice to meet you here! the papilio pro is great. thank you so much for this great piece of kit! im working on a project, where i need 8 serial-ports and an fpga was the only way to get the 8 real serial-ports. soft-serial-ports are no option for me. the zpuino with 8 uarts + 1 spi doesnt fit into the papilio 250k, but i can live with the papilio pro.


ps. hope you like my step-model of the board, which i did this week.


best regards,




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Hey Chris,


Indeed, the idea is to have a minimal RTOS. The basic design is simple, much similar to FreeRTOS and other small OS for embedded.


The main objective is to have threads, to overcome difficulties with some drivers which rely on sleep to communicate with devices, causing the system to stop for that time which can be precious.


I have a preliminary version, in case you want to give it a try and be a beta-tester :)

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