Math-free digital clock.


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I'm building a jumbo LED clock, using Seeed Studio's 8" 7-segment LEDs, and a Papilio One 250K to control the PCBs with the LED drivers on them.


So far I've implemented the digital clock, displaying on a LogicStart, but to add a twist I've not used any addition or subtraction anywhere in the design.

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Using LFSRs, huh?  Isn't that replacing simple arithmetic with polynomial division?  That sounds a lot a lot more "mathy" to me :)


Didn't an early TI microprocessor use an LFSR as a program counter to save transistors?  It meant the assembler needed to re-arrange the instructions into the correct pseudo-random sequence.

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@johnbeetem: I'd assume "math-free" really means "numeric-arithmetic-free."


And one advantage of working with polynomials modulo 2, as in LFSRs and CRCs, is that the analogues to addition and multiplication are exclusive-OR, AND, and shift.  There's no carry.  And if you use Galois-style LFSRs instead of the more popular kind, you can keep the logic depth constant, which might help you achieve a high clock rate.


It might not save you very much on an FPGA, though, which has stuff like hardware carry chains to speed up addition.  In a book I read, the author tested various counters for maximum clock rate, and found the LFSR to actually be a little slower than the binary counter, and use more LUTs, though fewer slices.


@hamster: Kewl.  So, is the 'lfsr <= "0111110111010111001000000"' in pulse_per_second.vhd meant to shorten the cycle from 2^25-1 to 32 million clocks?

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