Papilio Pro Serial Ports missing in Linux Mint


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I'm a new user to linux, papilio, arduinio.  I've got the Zap GUI running but when I go to tools->Serial Port I only see socket:tcp/7263.  I'm missing the two serial ports the quick start quide says I should see?  I downloaded the 64-bit rxtx file suggested in a previous help topic which allowed the GUI to start.   


I'm using Linux Mint 17.  The Papilio Pro is running on my linux system because I can compile VHDL on Xilinx ISE and download using the Papilio loader.


I can use "dmesg | grep tty" to see the FTDI serial ports come and go as I unplug the Papilio Pro.  I get message "FTDI USB Serial Device ... attached to ttyUSB0"


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Running ZAP with sudo seems to work.  I did it two different ways with similar results.

1. sudo -i




2. sudo ./zap


I opened the Blink example and did the verify.  When I click the "Upload" button I get a message in orange "Cannot get programmer version, aborting".  I'll do some more experiments/trials next weekend to see if I can make more progress.  The GUI seems to be working on Linux Mint17 with the only issue being that when you select an item (i.e. dev/ttyUSB1 or Papilio Programmer) the description is blanked out.


I don't have the Arduinio IDE installed.  This is the first time I've used anything related to Arduinio.  My interest in this was based off the "Build a SoC Over Lunch" article by Colin O'Flynn in Circuit Cellar.

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cemiller4: Two ports should show up, ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1. You need to use ttyUSB1 for programming.


That should work. The error you posted is not related to ability to open the USB port, rather opening the wrong one. Additionally, you will need to program ZPUino firmware first using papilioloader or a similar tool.

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