Problems running on Raspbian

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I am new to FPGA development and having some issues getting the loader to run. The following is the error I am receiving when I try to run the papilio-prog:


pi@raspberrypi ~/Papilio_Files/Papilio-Loader-2.6 $ sudo papilio-prog -h
/usr/local/bin/papilio-prog: 3: /usr/local/bin/papilio-prog: Syntax error: ")" unexpected



I have installed all the required dependencies and I can run the GUI Loader, any ideas?



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It should definitely work on the raspberry pi, but its been a long time since I used it so I don't know the answer to your issue off the top of my head... Here are a couple threads dealing with papilio-loader on the pi:


I know I solved the problem for rPi, I thought it was checked into the latest source code...



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