Windows 8.1 (lots of Problems)


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I got my Papilio One 250k and wanted to try out the soft processor AVR8.

I finally got it working, but on my way it ran into a few problems.

The problems i encoutered:


To install the Papilio loader properly on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 i had to disable the driver signature verification.

Then the upload of the bit and bmm file for the AVR8 worked fine.


After that i wanted to upload a hex file.

 I tried the modyfied Arduino IDE but it doesn't worked.

I had the same problem as:


in April, he posted a solution for this problem:

I had to alter the gwak command:

 $(GAWK) ' BEGIN{FS=" ";} { $1= ""; print $0 > "out.mem" } ' tmp.mem

and i downloaded a new mysys-1.0.dll, from:

It worked for me, i could use the modyfied Arduino IDE to write and upload to the Papilio, also with a custom core.


To write my custom core permanetly to the SPI flash I had to modyfie the makefile and the boards.txt files:

worked like a charm. Factory Papilio Custom 250K Board (Burn)papilio_Custom250burn.upload.tool=papiliopapilio_Custom250burn.upload.protocol=sam-bapapilio_Custom250bu

After all that i wanted to use Atmel Studio 6 to programm my c code.

But it has no support for the ATmega103, i thought. I tried the makefile from the Arduino IDE but I couldn't get it to work.

I found a solution for that, but I'm not entirely sure if all the periphials will worke:

#define F_CPU 16000000#define __AVR_ATmega103__#include <avr/io.h>#include <util/delay.h>int main(void){	DDRA = 0xFF;	PORTA = 0x00;	    while(1)    {				PORTA = PORTA + 1;    }}

It compiled with no error.


So I wanted to use the Papilio loader to upload the bit, bmm, and the hex file to the 250k.

I got an error from the data2mem application. I simply replaced the data2mem.exe from the loader install directory with the data2mem.exe from the tool directory of the zap IDE.


Finally it compiled, and uploaded it to the Papilio and with a logic analyzer I could verify that it counts at PORTA.


I'm not shure if I made any mistakes that caused all of that but I got it working! :D


I hope this is somewhat helpfull.

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