will the ide be cross platform


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Yes, it will be available for Linux too, but I'm in such heavy development right now that it doesn't make any sense to make it work in both Windows and Linux. I can think of 3 things of the top of my head that will change in the next couple of weeks and has different implementations between windows and linux. Once all of the functionality is solidified and working the way I want under Windows then I will make it work under Linux too. But I would be doing twice the work to make it work in Windows and Linux each step of the way right now...



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It's when you go out of the framework that it gets problematic... There are separate platform.java files for Windows and Linux where you have to do things in a platform specific way. For example, right now I use the Xilinx xtclsh tool to import vhdl libraries into the XISE project. I would have to figure out two different ways to do this, both for Windows and Linux. But I know that my ultimate goal is to eliminate the xtclsh tool and write Java code that does the same thing. That will be a cross platform solution. It doesn't make a lot of sense to get xtclsh working under Windows and Linux when I intend to eliminate it in a couple of weeks. If it was trivial it would be no big deal, but it took me 4 hours to get it working just right under Windows so I don't want to go through that again in Linux just to eliminate it soon.


There are several examples like that one right now, I'm using Xilinx tools to do something and understand how it works in practice. Once I understand how it works better then I'm going to do it in Java instead, the final result will be something that works in Windows and Linux, but Windows only for the short term.



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