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I am just starting out with a papilio pro and have no background in HDL.  I have the e-book

"introducing the Spartan 3e and VHDL".  I have the LED wing from gadget factory with 4 LEDS and pushbuttons.

How can I get the pinouts (software and hardware) for the papilio wing connectors?  where can I get a quick check sample code (bitfile and source) to run this board (besides the e-book).




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I matched the labels as best I could but they seem to  be reversed.  the wing points in, over the papilio board when I follow the labels.  it does blink when I load a bitfile for LEDs (not the led wing), when I reverse the installation of the wing so that pin 81 is at the top (near A and B silkscreen of the pailio board. i don't know which is the right way fro wings to face (over the main board or out and away).


is it possible hat the silkscreen is wrong?


Back to you second offer.  yes, please send the bitfile and any source code.






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Hi Hib,


Attached is a little starter project, and the bit file


Plug the btn/led wing into the AH slot - the top right, hanging out to the side, if the text on the PCB is the correct way up.


Here is the UCF file used:

#----------------------------------------#- Constraints for Papilio Pro #- with btn/led wing in the AH socket #-#----------------------------------------NET "clk32" LOC="P94" | PERIOD=31.125ns; NET "LED<1>"   LOC="P98"  ; # A14NET "LED<2>"   LOC="P88"  ; # A12NET "LED<3>"   LOC="P83"  ; # A10NET "LED<4>"   LOC="P79"  ; # A8 NET "BTN<1>"   LOC="P100"  ; # A15NET "BTN<2>"   LOC="P93"  ; # A13NET "BTN<3>"   LOC="P85"  ; # A11NET "BTN<4>"   LOC="P81"  ; # A9


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I have your ebook and want to implement as much of it as I can with my hardware, in order learn learn vhdl on the papilio. 


my hardware is


Papilio pro

Led/ button wing

Arcade mega wing


I realize that the hardware in your book is quite different than mine.

Would it be simpler to learn vhdl on the papilio  if I bought a logic start megawing and used your code without modification on my papilio pro? Or is using the pro going to cause incompatibility?



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Hi Howard1,


You should be fine - you might just have to work a little bit harder cross-referencing schematics and pinouts, and be a bit more inventive with your own design projects. In general the constraints file will need updating, but everything else should be the same.


Once you get one switch to light one LED (even if it is the onboard LED on the Papilio Pro) you can then work from there to test all the other inputs and outputs defined and tested.



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Hello Mike,


I created "Chapter 6 Your first project"  on my Papilio Pro using your E-book. I was unable to get  this e-book project to perform.  I noticed in your book the UCF is 

# Constraints for Papilio One
However there is different notation in the UCF  you sent me for the Papilio Pro project "Pro_button_led" that you sent me and that you included earlier in this thread:
NET "LED<1>"   LOC="P98"  ; # A14
NET "LED<2>"   LOC="P88"  ; # A12

"BTN<1>"   LOC="P100"  ; # A15
NET "BTN<2>"   LOC="P93"  ; # A13
I also changed LED<1> to LED <0> and LED<2> to LED<1>
and the same changes for buttons 1 and 2.
I still no had no success.
What is the difference between the UCF  notation with < > symbols vs. the notation with "  "  symbols?Also, it appears that "IOSTANDARD=LVTTL" is not required.
If you could tell me what the correct UCF is for this lesson I would appreciate it.  Then I can proceed to other lessons in your book, once I learn this item.
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