Arcade megawing is not working


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I purchased the papilio pro and the arcade megawing.  They arrived today.  The papilio executes the papilio quickstart bit file correctly. LEDs flash as expected.  However, the when I load the pong bit file for the arcade megawing does not display video at all. The bit file loads properly.  I checked the video cable and the monitor and they are working properly.


Please advise.

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Hello, how are you loading the pong bit file?


Are you using the Arcade blaster app?


Please try to follow the Papilio Arcade Getting Start Guide, especially the Loading Pong Demo section. The included bit file only works for the Papilio One 500K, is that the board you have? If not then you will need to use the Arcade blaster or follow the directions for merging a rom into a bit file.


You will only see video if you get all of the steps exactly right, it is more likely that the bit file is not quite right then the hardware being bad.





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I have the Papilio Pro, and I tried using the bitfile for the Arcade Megawing. I got no video displayed. Please suggest detailed steps to get this working.


When I got no video with the setup listed above, I tried the Arcade Blaster app, to debug the hardware. I did not see video with the native files of this app. 


How can I proceed so I get video with the arcade wing and the Papilio pro?


As a last question, can I use the VGA capabilities of the arcade wing to display video for the ZPUino VGA sketches?







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The bit file that you tried to use was most likely for the Papilio One 500K which will show a blank screen since it is not creating a valid circuit when loaded on the Papilio Pro.


There are very detailed instructions on the Papilio Arcade website and in the Papilio Arcade User Guide.


Here are two very detailed guides for displaying video with ZPUino VGA sketches:


Please take a look and try them out and please post any specific questions you have with a little more information about what you have done and what has not worked. It's very hard to help when all the information I'm getting is that you loaded a pong bit file and it does not show video. I need to know the details, such as what pong file, what were the messages, etc. In this case it looks like you probably loaded a Papilio One 500K pong file, but I had to guess that...


We can of course replace your Arcade MegaWing but at this point I don't see any evidence that it is bad...


Attached is a bit file for the Papilio Pro and the Arcade MegaWing that should show the pong game. That should establish if the hardware is faulty.







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