Symbol library manager is missing?


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Hi all,


I know it will sound stupid, but anyone knows if I have to enable something in ISE (14.7) to get the symbol manager?

I followed the tutorial on the learning site but, after I loaded the example project, the Tools dropdown ends with "Smart Xplorer" and there are no other options as on the screenshot..... Where am I missing the point? :-D


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Hey Maara,


This is not an obvious one. :) But you need to be in the schematic editor first before you see it under tools. So open up one of the schematic files and click ok through the error message until you get into the schematic editor.


There is a tutorial here:



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Hello Flautines,

The latest version of DesignLab should not need this anymore, I found a way around this issue by making schematic symbols automatically add to your project. So there is no need for using the symbol manager anymore. The only reason it would still apply is if you set it up in one of the early versions of ZAP IDE, before DesignLab, and that old entry is still there... If that is the case then that is documented in this learn tutorial about common problems that are encountered with DesignLab:


I'm sorry that this caused you headache, I thought I had made it easy to deal with this issue by putting it in the common issues page and making a link to the common issues page in DesignLab... Do you have a recommendation to make it easier from a beginners point of view. Keeping in mind that this issue is no longer applicable to a beginner that is downloading DesignLab for the first time and never used any of the older stuff?


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