Propeller 1 running on Pipistrello


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I have played a bit with the recently released Parallax Propeller 1 code and got it to run on the Pipistrello board. More testing needs to be done but it least it runs the tutorial files in Propeller Tools v1.3.2
The board can be programmed directly in Propeller Tools since the code detects DTR going high and generates a long reset pulse to emulate the RC-filter on the Prop Plug.

Pins 0-15 are mapped to Wing A0-A15, pins 16-29 are mapped to Wing B0-B13. Pins 30 and 31 are connected to the FTDI chip for serial communication.

The cog LEDs are mapped to Wing C0-C7.

Two of the on-board LEDs (LED1 and LED2) are monitoring pin 30 (tx) and pin 31 (rx).
Two other LEDs (LED3 and LED4) are monitoring pins 16 and 17 which makes it easy to play with the tutorial examples that toggle those two pins.

Here is a link to a zip file with a full Xilinx ISE project (ISE14.4) including all verilog source files and a Pipistrello bit file (in the synth directory):

This is based on the 2014-08-11 code release.




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The code as released form Parallax (80 MHz freq, 8 cogs) take up about 47% of he slices in an LX45 so it might make it into an LX25 but that's it.  I have not played with removing cogs to see how much it would drop in size.


BTW, the latest version of the code that compiles in ISE is now available on github:



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