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Hello everyone.

I am planning on making a simple usb capture device (I know they exist, but I want to do it myself), that can capture analog rgb video from scart. I know how to do this (I have 2 2 channel high speed adc's and a lm1881 sync separator), but before I begin, I want to be sure I can send the required amount of data over the usb. Using the serial on the papilio this is not possible, so I am considering buying an evaluation board for the FT232H high speed usb chip (UM232H). The required speed needs to be arround 35MByte/s for 24 bit rgb, but if needed I can lower it by using 16 bit instead. According to the datasheet of the FT232H, it should be able to do speeds up to 40MByte/s.

My question is if this is possible with the FT232H. Or is there maybe another chip/evaluation board I can better use instead.

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It should work, but I do wonder how 'smooth' the transfer is - for example, if the connected PC is busy the transfer might stall every now and then. You may end up needed a larger buffer on the FPGA.than the on-chip 4kB on the FT232H  - after all, 4k is consumed in every 100ns or so.


And if it does splutter a little there isn't much extra bandwidth to catch up,,,.

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