Retrocade Lite sketch doesn't compile!


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Hi guys


Just having my first go at editing some stuff on the retrocade sketch.


The retrocadelite_sketch was the only one that installed with the downloader, is this correct?


Secondly, when I try to compile it in Arduino I get a whole load of MIDI object compilation errors which seem to suggest that the MIDI class is being defined multiple times (double included?)


I haven't changed anything so I would have thought I could just compile and go?


All help greatly appreciated - I'm probably doing something daft!







MIDI.cpp: In member function `void MIDI_Class::sendPitchBend(double, byte)':

MIDI.cpp:306: warning: converting to `unsigned int' from `double'
C:\zap\papilio-zap-ide\hardware\zpuino\libraries\MIDI\MIDI.cpp: In member function `void MIDI_Class::sendPitchBend(double, byte)':
C:\zap\papilio-zap-ide\hardware\zpuino\libraries\MIDI\MIDI.cpp:306: warning: converting to `unsigned int' from `double'
C:\zap\papilio-zap-ide\hardware\zpuino\libraries\SD\utility\SdFile.cpp: In member function `uint8_t SdFile::rmRfStar()':
C:\zap\papilio-zap-ide\hardware\zpuino\libraries\SD\utility\SdFile.cpp:942: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
MIDI\MIDI.cpp.o(.bss.MIDI+0x0): multiple definition of `MIDI'
MIDI.cpp.o(.bss.MIDI+0x0): first defined here
C:\zap\papilio-zap-ide\hardware\tools\zpu\bin\..\lib\gcc\zpu-elf\3.4.2\..\..\..\..\zpu-elf\bin\ld.exe: Disabling relaxation: it will not work with multiple definitions
MIDI\MIDI.cpp.o(.text._ZN10MIDI_ClassC1Ev+0x0): In function `MIDI_Class::MIDI_Class()':
: multiple definition of `MIDI_Class::MIDI_Class()'
MIDI.cpp.o(.text._ZN10MIDI_ClassC1Ev+0x0): first defined here
MIDI\MIDI.cpp.o(.text._ZN10MIDI_ClassC2Ev+0x0): In function `MIDI_Class::MIDI_Class()':
: multiple definition of `MIDI_Class::MIDI_Class()'
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