Running Quickstart on the mac - looking at serial port


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I have just acquired a papilio one and I have been following the instructions here:


I am using a Mac OS X and have overcome the fix needed to get the FPGA loaded. However, I would like to view the ASCII table output. I have found the serial ports by typing

ls -l /dev/tty.*


ls -l /dev/cu.*


But the listed serial ports do not seem to correspond to anything to do with the papilio (Bluetooth, my mobile phone and one other). They are listed below








I have used Putty to attempt to connect to them anyway - just in case - but to no avail.


Can anyone suggest what I should try next?




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Hi Jack, I was able to load a bit file using a Mac, but was unable to observe what was happening on the serial ports like you can on Windows. I have managed to get everything working on a windows machine now, but it would still be convenient if I could use the mac for some tasks such as observing the serial ports.

Thanks for your response.


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