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Hello swsh,


I created those symbols for the Kickstarter demo and have been so occupied with running the Kickstarter that I have not had time to work on a new release of ZAP IDE/DesignLab. My goal is to get to work on the first release of the DesignLab software shortly after the Kickstarter completes. The first release of DesignLab will have all of those new symbols included, I just need some time to complete the Kickstarter and get everything in order before shifting gears into development again.




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We are not able to find the papilio virtual instruments in the schematic library to drag n drop it in xilinx. we are trying to blink an led on and off. Can you ell us where to search for the symbols in xilinx?




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DesignLab is not ready for release yet, the Kickstarter project is meant to secure the funding so I can work on a release of the software that is demonstrated. I really appreciate your enthusiasm but the Kickstarter needs to finish so I can change gears to working on the software again. Thank you for your patience.



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