Papilio Pro bscan bitfile source code?

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I'm trying to build the ./bscan_spi_xc6slx9.bit file from source, to program the flash on my Papilio Pro board.                                            
From the git source, the only .v or .vhdl source file for Spartan 6 is:                                                                                    
Is this the one I should use?                                                                                                                              
Then for the User Constraints File, the only relevant one I can find is the generic one,                                                                   
The two files obviously don't match, so I from the .ucf file I removed everything                                                                          
except the FLASH_* lines.
And in the .v file, I replaced all the MOSI/MISO lines with the FLASH_SI/SO etc lines, like:
module top
   output wire FLASH_SI,  //MOSI,
   output wire FLASH_CS, //CSB,
   output wire FLASH_CK, //DRCK1,
   input  FLASH_SO //MISO
(and all other places)

The resulting .v & .ucf files do generate a bscan .bit file, but when I use that to program
the flash, I get this:

./papilio-prog -f ../Helper_App/Quickstart-Papilio_One_LX9-v1.5.bit -b ~joostje/VHDL/bscan-Papilio/top.bit -v
Using built-in device list
JTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x24001093     Desc: XC6SLX9

Uploading "/home/joostje/VHDL/bscan-Papilio/top.bit". DNA is 0xb9c95021930a5ffe
Programming time 547.0 ms

Programming External Flash Memory with "../Helper_App/Quickstart-Papilio_One_LX9-v1.5.bit".
Uknown Flash Manufacturer (0x00)
Error: SPI Status Register [0x00] mismatch (Wrong device or device not ready)..
Error occured.
USB transactions: Write 178 read 10 retries 8

Using the original bscan_spi_xc6slx9.bit does work:

As for the reason why I want to build the source (apart from "I should be able to"),
I'm using a modified Papilio board design with a Spartan XC6SLX16 (256 pin BGA),
So I need to generate a new bitfile for that XC6SLX16.

So, doesn anyone know where the .v or .vhdl source files (preferably with a .ucf file) are that
can generate a .bit file for the Spartan 6 (Papilio Pro)?

Papilio-Loader source was this morning cloned from here:


(I've attached my modified .ucf and .v files, both renamed to .txt as the uploader didn't like my .ucf extention)




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Thanks Magnus!


Yes, the .vhd and .ucf files you provided do work.


I do know papilio-prog uses a different bscan file, but somehow I couldn't find any other .vhd or .v files in the papilio-prog source code.

I now see that the file you sent is actually present in the git repository (although the one from git looks like an older version), so

I apologize.


Thanks for the quick help!

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