Signal proceesing with Papilio

Mus An

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I whould know if it is possible that i do a video processing using papilio. 


I have a :


Analog camera ====> Analog digital converter ===> Papilio =======> Digital analog converter ====> LCD screen



Witch papilio i can use and with shiled can be used.



Thank you


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Hello Mus An,


Just about anything is possible with an FPGA, including what you want to do. The better question is how hard will it be to do. We don't have any examples of what you are proposing, so you would be charting new territory. It would be a difficult task.



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Thank you very much !!



Yes. I look from a DSP I think it is the best choice but the evaluation module is vers expansive. I have 2 choices :


-- Altera DSP about 200$


--  TI DSP C6748



I think that the best choice is the DSP. I think i will choice this DSP. What do you think about it ?

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All modern FPGA can do DSP easily. You might want to use the Papilio Pro: The Spartan6 DSP slices are excellent.


You will have also external memory, which will be useful for image block processing.


The analog camera might pose a difficulty: does it only output analog signals ? Can you use a digital one ?

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