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Hi Jack,


Do you think a Papilio Pro would work in sub-zero temperature (maybe down to -25C) ? I'm thinking of a project that will require one to be kept in a freezer for an extended period of time (weeks), and am wondering if I will need some sort of insulated shell and a nice light bulb to keep it warm.... how 'warm' do you think I should keep it? +5C? +15C.


It will only have minimal off-board components (enough for a SD card and temp sensor), so I don't think it will be able to keep itself warm...

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Well according to the Digikey search results for the Spartan 6 it looks like the Consumer version of the chip we use is rated for 0 C to 85 C. If you were to swap the chip out for the Industrial version you would get a better temperature range of -40 C to 100 C. A quick look at the datasheet verifies those numbers...


That is just the spartan chip though we would also need to look at the temperature range for any other components you would use...


Looks like FT2232D is -40C to 80 C for the consumer version we use...


The LTC3419 we use is already  -40C to 125C...


At quick glance it looks like you would just need to swap out the consumer spartan 6 with an industrial version to get the temperature range you are looking for... I would double check the numbers on all the other components, I just did a quick search.



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It's maybe less of a problem if you don't have to (literally) cold-start the circuit. Junction temperature is always a bit higher once the circuit is running.

If you have some space left on the device, you can also synthesize an electric heater in RTL, for example create artificial high-speed gate activity for unused multipliers.

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