How useful for musicians with no computer connected ?


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Hi everyone !


I was very happy to learn about your project a couple of days ago ! I'm a long time Atari ST / Amiga user (and love the sound of C64s too), and am also playing the piano.


I always wished I could use some oldschool home computers sounds with my digital piano... So my dumb ! question is : as I don't want to use any computer or complicated interfaces, would it make any sense to acquire the RetroCade Synth ?


(I'm really sorry if it sounds like a "consumer" question whereas most of you guys are hackers, contributors etc)


Are there some features for people like me (not developers, with no extra devices), to make it easy to play things "live" ?


For instance, would it be possible to split the MIDI keyboard and using a given YM sound for the left octaves, a SID lead synth with the right ones, and why not, a couple of Amiga samples (like a drumkit) with the lowest kbd notes ? Holding some notes and not the others ? (just an example of my picturing myself playing a complete piece without making pauses to switch instruments :)


Sorry for the very dumb questions :) And congrats again, I'm very happy and impressed to see there are other people who love the oldschool sounds of the 80s :)


Best regards !

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Hello bidinou,


The things you are thinking about doing are definitely possible to do, but it does require modification of the code. The RetroCade Synth is not currently setup to behave like you describe out of the box.


The other option though is to setup a MIDI controller that does the things you talk about. Most things are setup as MIDI CC's so you could use a MIDI controller to do what you want without a computer:



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